Saturday, February 27, 2016


HEY THERE. How's it going?

Spring break is slowly etching upon us and boy does everyone in the Cohort need it. Everything has been pretty hectic this semester and the stress of it all has probably been the cause of some bubbling tensions. Everyone could use those two weeks of break / GDC and just focus on their own thing for a little while. Me included. As much as I like being kept busy, it's all starting to wear me out a little bit. Fortunately, the finalized art style guides for Ley Lines will be due by the end of the week. Creating a style guide is a very time-intensive process. It's safe to say that about 90% of my time at FIEA these last few weeks has been dedicated to Capstone alone, and the rest of the 10% to my other classes. orz. Creating an art style guide revolves around so many rounds of iteration so you could just get just the right look, the right silhouette, and the right overall mood. That, in itself, wouldn't be too much of a problem. Along the way, our team experienced the difficulties of personalities clashing and the challenge of uniting our art styles. Those two things tended to set us back often. Somehow, though, things are working out for us as we gear towards the finish line. Getting some time to myself (and with my doge) sounds so great right now. :3c


This chair animation is still a thing for us. I'm not too thrilled with how mine looks so far because there's still so much to fix until it becomes something worth showing off. We were lucky enough to get an extension on this assignment because the animators of this Cohort are a bunch of overachievers (teehee). So, I'm going to be working to get this even better! I'm starting to see the improvements each week. I've definitely come a long way since my first go with animating anything.

The first pass was teeeerrible.

The second pass ... >w>;;

It's slowly coming together! We're all definitely getting better.

As for Ley Lines ... a recent chunk of my work has been working on in-game mock-ups. We're having that problem that the faculty still aren't quite sure what our game is even going to look like by the end. Frankly, I don't blame them. As a team, we weren't entirely sure ourselves for longer than we'd like to admit and it's chiefly our fault for not asking the design team sooner. The good news? We're working on that now and the end products are turning out pretty good!

Roselyn and I had a great meeting with Ryo over our mock-ups & environment. We ended up rendering a frame on Keyshot with him and he showed us some ways to paint over it. I took that and worked on it to try to get the feel we were aiming for. There's still plenty more to be done to this, though, until it's finished! But it's looking great so far. ♥ 

For this mock-up, I took one of Andrew's screenshots and redrew it to make it look pretty spiffy. We've been using adobe architecture as inspiration lately so I just took that and rolled with it. Fortunately, this reads a lot easier than our previous mock-up! There's probably some more edits I'd like to make to this as well since I really don't know when to stop.

One of my title logo designs was chosen! o: Which is pretty rad, if I do say so myself. I've been working on finalizing that so we can obnoxiously slap it on everything we use to promote the game. I'm going to be working on recoloring this, though, so it can fit far better with every kind of media. I found that the title clashed a little too much with more colorful backgrounds with patterns to it (our art style guide). I'm liking it so far, though! :3

On Thursday ... I got a chunk of free time so I was finally able to draw something for myself. :'D And it just happened to be one of my characters. hehe. Aaaand that's it for this update!

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Got Me Begging for MERCY

It's the middle of February already! Vertical Slice will be upon is in a little more than two weeks.
It's relieving knowing that the work for the art style guide is going to be set in stone very soon and we won't have to worry about major foreseeable art style changes. Because of the work that's been going into Capstone, there hasn't been too much time to focus on anything else. My non-Capstone centered classes (which amounts to Game Lab and Animation) ended up taking a second priority. It was stressed to the artists that past students were made to choose between their specialization classes and Capstone. Something had to give because we (unfortunately) don't have the power to stop time so we could give both the attention it deserves. 

So far, I've managed to force some kind of balance between the two. Most weeks, I can still put my best effort into my Animation assignments and maybe manage an extra one or two. This week, I underestimated the amount of time I had on my hands to devote to my Animation homework. As a result, my second pass at this is not refined nearly as early as I initially planned. Ironically, this was after the guest speaker on Friday told us about managing time, scheduling, and anticipating how long you'd take on tasks. Hurrhurr. Definitely not gonna allow this to happen again. 

Any which way! Here's the animation. For having simple as hell movements, it ended up becoming pretty long. o:

You can read that awesome Ley Lines development blog of ours to see all the details about how that game is coming so far. We've experienced some hiccups in team dynamics and whatnot, but we've rallied so we could become far more focused this week. Managing to finish these tasks early to have enough time for iteration (and not ignoring specialization classes) is definitely a feat. Definitely. NONETHELESS. Here's some things I'm currently working on!

Goooooooood shit. 👀 👌👌👌👌👌