Sunday, May 1, 2016


We had our last Game Lab class just this past Thursday! The entirety of Cohort 12 debuted so many well thought-out and well-executed educational games. Given how difficult it was for everyone to juggle yet another project during this semester, it was amazing to see just how intricate some of these games were! It was extremely gratifying to see everyone's hard work come through and receive the spotlight it deserved.

I'm happy to say that Dinopedia was a resounding success! I really enjoyed working with everyone on my team. It was a pretty neat, relaxed, and fun atmosphere to be in despite all the stresses of Capstone happening around us. Working on this game was always pretty fun and a nice breakaway from everything else. Also dinosaurs. That makes everything better. SO. If you ever want to check out Dinopedia, the entire playthrough is up above!  For anything else (including a download link where you can play the game!), you can check out the link below.

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